How to bet on Corners

Betting on corners can seem like a risky business, but in fact there are good grounds for saying that it’s a safer option than many other football markets.

Bookmakers are often under-researched and sometimes use odds templates based on teams’ Match Result performance – totally inaccurate for predicting any other aspect of the match.

Take a look at the examples below to find out how to bet on corners...

Total Corners

  Typical Odds
Under 10 Evens
Over 10 Evens
Exactly 10 15/2

Bet Guide

When learning how to bet on corners, the best place to start is with Total Corners. This is the most straightforward of the Corner bets – simply whether the match will have more or less than 11 Corners in total. You'll usually find 11 is the most common marker, but sometimes bookies will offer 10.5 or even 10 on occasion.

***Bookie Tip***

At Bet365, Stan James and Bet Victor you will often find they’ll be offering more than one Total Corners option. The other markers usually range from 9.5 to 12.5.

Total Corners – First Half

  Typical Odds
Under 5 5/4
Over 5 Evens
Exactly 5 9/2

Bet Guide

This bet works in exactly the same way as a Total Corners bet, but settled at Half Time. 5 is the common marker for this bet.

Team with Most Corners

  Typical Odds
Home Team 5/6
Away Team Evens
Tie 7/1

Bet Guide

This Corner Bet is as straightforward as it sounds - you’re betting on which team will get Most Corners in the match – with the option of both teams winning the same amount.

Corner Handicap

  Typical Odds
Home Team (-2) 5/4
Away Team (+2) 5/6
Tie (Away Team +2) 13/2

Bet Guide

When betting on corners, handicaps can create a betting opportunity where it wouldn't otherwise exist. They can either make two teams more even, or produce better odds on short-priced favourites. The team with a 'minus' handicap has to overcome their deficit in order to win the bet.

So, for example, if a top team was awarded a (minus 2) handicap against a lesser team, they would need to win at least 3 corners more than their opponents to win the bet:

Bet: Home Team (-2) v Away Team

Actual result: Home Team win 6 Corners, Away Team win 5 = bet loses
Actual result: Home Team win 7 Corners, Away Team win 5 = bet loses
Actual result: Home Team win 8 Corners, Away Team win 5 = bet WINS

***Bookie Tip***

William Hill offer the widest range of Corner Handicap bets. Usually ranging from (-5) to (+5) for both teams.

First Corner/ Last Corner

  Typical Odds
Home Team 4/6
Away Team 11/10

Bet Guide

The bookies also run a market on which team will be awarded the First or Last Corner in a match, but this is very difficult to predict and can be something of a lottery.


  Typical Odds
Under 28 4/5
Over 28 10/11
Exactly 28 33/1

Bet Guide

Multi-Corners bets are available in Fixed Odds and Spread Betting versions. Totals are calculated by multiplying the number of first half Corners by the number of second half Corners (in total, from both sides).

So, for example, if there are 4 Corners in the first half and 8 in the second, the total would be: 4 x 8 = 32.

You might also see Multi-Corners bets available per team.


  Typical Odds
Under 33 4/5
Over 33 10/11
Exactly 33 33/1

Bet Guide

X-Corners bets are also available in both Fixed Odds and Spread Betting versions. Totals are calculated by multiplying the number of Corners won by the Home team, by the number of Corners won by the Away team.

So if the Home team won 7 Corners and the Away team won 5, the total is: 7 x 5 = 35.