How to bet on Cards and Booking Points

In the same way that betting on Corners makes good sense, betting on Cards/Bookings Points can be a reliable money maker - because success often relies on the 'character' of a team, which often remains constant whether they win or lose.

Aggressive teams pick up lots of Bookings, regardless of form. This gives Booking Points/ Cards bets a degree of 'shock-proof' reliability – and that should be music to every bettor's ears.

Note: Most bookmakers use the same 'points' system for Bookings:

  • Yellow Card = 10 points
  • Red Card = 25 points
  • 2 Yellows resulting in an automatic Red = 35 points

Alternatively, Bet365 bet on 'Cards' – using the following distinction…

  • Yellow Card = 1 card
  • Red Card = 2 cards
  • 2 Yellows resulting in an automatic Red = 3 cards

Total Booking Points

  Typical Odds
Under 35.5 Booking Points 5/6
Over 35.5 Booking Points 5/6

Bet Guide

This is a bet on the total number of Bookings Points accumulated by both teams. The marker will generally vary between 30 and 50. This is a straightforward bet on the total being Under or Over that marker.

You might also see…

  Typical Odds
Under 21 11/5
21-45 2/1
Over 46 11/10

Bet Guide

Some bookies prefer to provide three 'bands' – restricting the options, but offering better odds. There are five ways that you can win with this middle banding (21-45), if the total value of cards comes to any of the following: 25, 30, 35, 40, or 45.

And there are six card combinations that could produce those five totals…

1 Red = 25
3 Yellows = 30
1 Yellow/Yellow Red = 35
1 Red and 1 Yellow – 35
4 Yellows = 40
2 Yellows and 1 Red = 45

Alternatively, some bookmakers (mainly Bet365) will offer markets on Cards…

Total Cards in a Match

  Typical Odds
Under 3.5 Cards 5/6
Over 3.5 Cards 5/6

Bet Guide

Some bookmakers bet on purely the number of Cards – including both Yellow and Red. The marker will usually be set around 3.5 – 5.5 Cards and you can bet Under or Over that marker. (Of course, there is no such thing as 0.5 of a card, this simply means all bets have to go Under or Over.

***Bookie Tip***

Bet365 and 888 Sport will offer Total Cards bets on EVERY game at Euro 2016. But they will change the Card marker based on both teams playing.

First Card

  Typical Odds
Home Team 21/20
Away Team 4/5
No Cards 12/1

Bet Guide

Like Corners and Goals, you can bet on which team will get the First Card (Yellow or Red).

Booking Points Match Bet

  Typical Odds
Home Team 15/8
Away Team 4/5
Tie 7/2

Bet Guide

You're betting on which team will get the most Bookings Points.

Card Handicap

  Typical Odds
Home Team (-1.0) 11/4
Away Team (+1.0) 1/2
Tie (Away Team +1.0) 9/2

Bet Guide

It is possible to bet on which team will receive the most Cards - taking into account a plus or minus handicap. The size of the handicap is determined by the bookmakers and will change for every game.

So, for example, if a team were awarded a (-1.0) Card Handicap - they would need to receive at least 2 Cards more than their opponents to win this bet...

Bet: Team A (-1.0) v Team B

Actual result: Team A receives 2 Cards, Team B receives 1 Card = bets loses
Actual result: Team A receives 3 Cards, Team B receives 1 Card = bet WINS